Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company is committed to being a great partner to the communities we serve. Our team members have worked at community food banks, cleaned community gardens, mentored our youth, and much more.


An Afternoon of Giving Back

The Great Lakes Automotive Division set a goal for FY16 to increase our involvement in the communities we serve.  Collectively the teams suggested and rallied around volunteering in the Flint, Michigan Community, where we have been located for over 10 years. 

The Flint Community is going through a challenging economic time, and was recently stricken by a water crisis.  Lead was found in the drinking water at local schools and residences affecting the health of thousands of people and most concerning the children.  This crisis became national news and has unsettled the community over the last few months.

On Thursday May 5th, the Great Lakes Team took action, spending the afternoon at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan volunteering.  The sorted and packaged water and assembled boxes of nutritious foods which then was distributed in the community.  The activities performed helped to counteract the negative effects of lead in the water system to those in the greatest need.  It was humbling to give back to a community that has suffered so much.

The Great Lakes Team:  MaryAnn Cobb, Amy Donner, Beverly Henige, Gwen McDonald, Sarah Szagesh, Catherine Hirst (Unable to Attend), Randy Aquino, Alex Stayner, Eric Cullin, Jill Korobkin, Don Whitaker, Tom Picot

If you would like to learn more about the Food Bank of Easter Michigan visit: