Direct Hire Services

The struggle to locate and attract superior talent is a problem companies across every industry is facing.  

The Adavantage xPO Direct Hire team has over 20 years of experience filling critical and difficult to fill roles for a number of Fortune 100-1,000 firms nationwide.  We make it our mission to help our clients align themselves with the right talent to create opportunities for growth and success within their organizations no matter the level.

Let our team show you the benefits Advantage xPO can add to your hiring efforts.

Experience Matters

When every decision can mean success or failure working with a partner you trust is crucial.

Advantage xPO has a track record for finding top-tier candidates who measurably impact their client’s overall business results.  Companies partnering with Advantage xPO benefit from the teams 20+ years of experience recruiting and placing  professionals.  The ability to find in-demand talent leads to clients experiencing higher employee productivity, improved profitability, and more.

Are you searching for that outstanding individual who consistently exceeds their performance and customer satisfaction goals?

Dedicated Team

Do you ever find yourself wondering who you will be working with today?

Companies partnering with Advantage xPO benefit from working with a dedicated team that understands their unique culture and brand.  Each customer specific team of recruitment professionals are always available, whether it is for one hire a year or 10 people each month.

Don’t get caught up in a game of musical chairs.  Put the Advantage xPO team to work for you.

Committed to Success

Looking for a partner as dedicated to the success of your company as you?

Advantage xPO understands the relentless demand on your organization to perform at your peak every day.  The team of recruitment professionals dedicated to your company is committed to the same level of performance.  Our best-in-class approach to recruiting aligns our team with yours, ensuring your unique culture and brand are factors in every hiring choice.

Give us the opportunity to prove out commitment to you.

Scalable Solutions

Looking for direct hire recruitment solutions to meet your need level?

Turnover and increased business demand are not always as predictable as we would like.  Advantage xPO realizes this and provides pricing that adjusts to your needs throughout the year.  Our direct hire solutions are scalable to ensure you receive the same best-in-class services whether you hire one executive, a couple managers, or a number of staff members in various rolls each month.

Put our team to work for you.

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