Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS)

Exceeding Partnership Objectives

Advantage xPO has extensive experience in designing, implementing and operating CWS that range from wholly outsourced Managed Service Programs to high-volume payrolling solutions.

Clients who have implemented Advantage xPO's Contingent Workforce Solutions have seen a reduction in costs, administrative burden, and risks associated with compliance and co-employment.

Industry Recognition

Advantage xPO has been consistently recognized by HRO Today on its closely watched, annual Baker's Dozen list for quality RPO and MSP providers. In May 2017, Advantage xPO was included on the highly sought-after Baker’s Dozen for the eighth consecutive year since the award's inception.


Service Offerings


Managed Service Programs (MSP)

Managed Service Program (MSP)

Advantage xPO’s MSP solutions are customized to meet the business needs of the customer.  They are all different sizes, serve a varying number of regions, and have different program team structures.  They all help our customers to reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase quality.  Some of the solution types are listed below:

  • Vendor Neutral MSPs are solutions in which Advantage xPO does not also act as an agency filling requirements for the customer.
  • Hybrid MSPs are solutions where Advantage xPO manages the contingent labor program and third-party agencies but also acts as a third-party agency, filling requisitions as well.
  • Master Vendor solutions are another type of MSP arrangement where Advantage xPO is the primary agency filling requirements but will engage with third party staffing agencies if needed to meet the business needs of the customer.


Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Advantage xPO can provide payrolling services as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with a MSP.  This gives the workers access to benefits such as group health care, retirement plans and other insurance. We can also act as the employer of record for interns, retirees and alumni, giving you swift access to qualified talent that we can screen and on-board in a matter of days.

Independent Contractor Management & Statement of Work Services

Independent Contractor Management & Statement of Work Services

We act as the single point of contact for managing and overseeing Independent Contractors (IC). 

Advantage xPO has a rigorous process for vetting proposed Independent Contractors to ensure that the work meets the government requirements for Independent Contractors and also that the IC has sufficient insurance to protect the customer.  Similarly, Advantage xPO can manage your Statement of Work projects including vetting and onboarding those who will be working onsite and managing payment of invoices. 

This can be offered as part of an MSP or as a stand-alone service.

Benefits include:

  • Consolidated contractor invoicing
  • Better insight into your contingent workforce spending
  • Minimized risk of misclassification

Total Talent Management

Total Talent Management – Leverage xPO's Expertise in RPO & MSP Solutions to build a comprehensive talent management solution

Forward-looking organizations see that a seamless blending of contingent, freelance, and direct workforces will be essential to their future success.  Advantage xPO helps our customers evaluate the best way to use contingent labor, SOW, direct headcount, and freelance workers and helps them to execute it in a compliant manner.

Benefits of using Advantage xPO to manage a total talent management solution include:

  • Seamless experience for hiring managers
  • Strategic focus for talent management
  • Increased compliance with respect to worker classification
  • Cost-savings opportunities


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